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What is Pilates?

Treadmills and other machines
 Pilates is a Body Conditioning  System of over 700 exercises performed on unique equipment  that was created by Joesph H. Pilates at the turn of the 20th century. Mr. Pilates developed his system  as a way to deal with the rise of poor health, which he believed was enabled by a "modern lifestyle" consisting of bad posture and poor breathing due to a lack of core strength. He created a regime to train the "mind-body connection" with inspirations from gymnastics, boxing, dance, body-building, yoga, and martial arts.  

The Six Principles of Pilates are
    Power comes from the core
    Movements are deliberate and purposeful
    Engaging the mind and the body together
  • FLOW
    Within and between exercises
    Facilitates core support
Quality over quantity

Pilates Apparatus: ( Equipment )
Classical Pilates Equipment
is constructed using Natural Materials: Wood, Leather, Metal &
closely follows Joseph Pilates original designs and dimensions 
An NYC  Classical Pilates Studio will include most of the Original Apparatus:
Universal Reformer; Cadillac ; Ladder Barrel; Spine Corrector ( Low Barrel) ;
        High/Low Chair; Wunda Chair; Metal  Magic Ring; Foot Corrector; Dumbbells,  &  Ped-A-Pul.
Get ReFormed Pilates Studio additionally includes modern Fitness & Therapy Equipment such as:
BOSU : Stability Balls ; Core Balls; Therabands; Tubing;Body Bars; RedCord Suspension Training, etc.