Getting Started


New and returning clients begin with the discounted introductory package of 4 private sessions at  $200. These private sessions are specifically designed for our clients to become familiar with the pilates equipment, exercise progressions and foundational concepts of the Pilates Method.  The trainer closely observes the client’s movement patterns, compensations from past injuries, if any, and address the client’s personal goals.  Privates means “PRIVATE!”  You are the only client in the room. 

Clients can join duet or trio sessions once the trainer determines that he/she is ready.  Otherwise, the client can still continue with private sessions if that is preferred.

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What to wear/bring

  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes, modest and not excessively baggy, if possible.  Use clip/band to pull hair up.
  • Men can either wear “sweat pants” or loose shorts with extra compression shorts underneath.
  • We maintain an allergy-free environment.  No perfumes or slippery lotions please.
  • “Sticky” socks are optional.  Pilates is traditionally done barefoot.
  • Bring water bottle.
  • Towels are provided.
  • DO NOT bring cellphones into the studio unless extremely necessary.  Keep phone on silent mode in the hallway.
  • We have bathroom/changing room in the studio.

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