Are yoga and pilates the same?



Both are an organized, sequential movement-based/ non-impact physical training regimes  

Both emphasize proper breathing during movement & stretch holds 

Both utilize the mind-to-body connection to create body awareness and to stay focused  

Both pay close attention to details of body alignment, proper posture and form  

Both increase muscle flexibility & mobility

Both use the flowing concept to link movements together 

Both incorporate balance as a significant component in the regime

Both use a long rectangular mat during the floor movements (Yoga mats are ¼”;  Pilates ½” or more) 

Both have some really awesome outfits that also look good if you go shopping after class!



Pilates is an intelligent physical body conditioning system with no religious dimension  

Whereas Yoga has its roots as an ancient religious practice from India, involving meditation, and lifestyle/food restrictions at the higher levels of practice

Pilates is practiced on spring loaded equipment that provides resistance training to maintain muscle mass

Whereas Yoga uses NO equipment – only Mat exercises so muscle mass declines with age

Pilates exercises focus on increasing core strength & joint stabilization & coordination

Whereas Yoga does not specifically train core muscles, emphasizes flexibility but often without stability or muscle balance & there is no coordination or rhythmic element in yoga training

Pilates keeps score & counts the number of repetitions with the eyes wide open to reality & sprints to the finish line! 

Whereas Yoga lets you close your eyes, take a nap at the end of class, visualize another reality & never counts repetitions or calories!